Space and Time Collaborates with Allora to Train AI Agents on 100TB of Web3 Data

Allora is collaborating with Space and Time to create a solution for providing verifiable data and compute to AI models. Space and Time is the first decentralized data warehouse that delivers sub-second ZK proofs against onchain and offchain data to power the future of AI x crypto. This collaboration enables AI agents in the Allora Network to access 100TB of verifiable blockchain data from Space and Time, ensuring the models are built on a foundation of trusted, tamper-proof data.

Space and Time's track record includes working closely with Chainlink to provide verifiable data to smart contracts and helping financial institutions tokenize assets and gain insights into customer onchain behavior. With this integration on Allora, Space and Time is now at the forefront of AI development tooling and computational resources.

“Allora’s self-improving machine learning models will facilitate the next generation of onchain agents across DeFi,” says Scott Dykstra, CTO of Space and Time. “AI-powered prediction markets, risk scoring in lending markets, LST yield management, and many more use cases are soon to come. Space and Time has been amassing Web3 data in a cryptographically verifiable way to ensure that ML models developed through Allora can learn on verified data. More importantly, these models will have trustless access to this data when securing value onchain in production.”

What Allora Enables for Space and Time Developers

Allora brings self-improving AI to the Space and Time ecosystem through a pluggable version of Allora’s models, empowering developers to easily leverage the network's machine intelligence. This unique approach allows developers to create objects that represent models as building blocks for dApps, which can then outsource computations to the Allora Network as needed. The result is an efficient and scalable use of models within a decentralized ecosystem.

Space and Time connects Allora agents to nearly 100TB of Web3 data, stored in the Space and Time data warehouse. Proof of SQL cryptographically guarantees that this data is collected, stored, and queried in a tamper-proof and verifiable way. This integration provides Allora models with access to verifiable cross-chain insights.

The collaboration between Allora and Space and Time offers several benefits, including:

  • Smooth liquidations: Joining, for example, Uniswap V3 data with Aave liquidation data to power an Allora AI bot that liquidates smoothly.
  • Verified onchain trading: Ensuring verified, accurate inputs for models that are moving high volumes of capital onchain.
  • Improved restaking risk: Calculating expected slashing risks associated with restaking protocols, which requires verified beacon chain data as input.
  • Optimized gas predictions: Optimizing transactions for gas, which requires both verified, aggregated real-time gas from Space and Time and accurate historical gas data for training.
  • Better fraud detection: Ensuring models used to identify suspicious activity and fraudulent transactions are using verified, accurate inputs.
  • Better risk detection: Assessing risk and creditworthiness of borrowers in the DeFi space based on their onchain activities and holdings, which requires aggregated historical onchain wallet history.

In all of these use cases, giving the models access to verifiable historical onchain data (for model training) and verifiable real-time onchain data (for running in production) is critical.

Empowering AI Development Through Self-Improvement

On Allora, workers not only provide their inferences to the network; they also forecast the accuracy of other participants' inferences within their specific topic (or sub-network). This dual-layer contribution is part of what makes the network self-improving.

By integrating Allora's self-improving mechanism, models using Space and Time’s data can benefit from the most effective inferences, ensuring they always outperform individual models in the network.

This self-improving mechanism creates AI models that can adapt to various contexts and continuously improve their performance. As a result, users of applications built using Space and Time can expect more accurate and reliable results from the AI models they develop and deploy, whether they're working on financial analysis, predictive modeling, or any other AI-driven application.

"The growing demand for verifiable, tamper-proof data in AI underscores the significance of our partnership," says Nick Emmons, CEO of the Upshot team that created Allora. "By integrating Space and Time’s data and compute with Allora's self-improving network, we're providing AI developers worldwide with access to trusted data and enhanced capabilities."

About Space and Time

Space and Time is the verifiable compute layer for AI x blockchain that joins tamper-proof onchain and offchain data to deliver enterprise use cases to smart contracts and LLMs. Space and Time has developed a novel cryptography called Proof of SQL that allows developers to connect analytics directly to smart contracts, opening up a wealth of powerful new use cases and business logic on blockchain technology. Space and Time is built from the ground up as a multichain data platform for developers in financial services, gaming, DeFi, or any project requiring verifiable data across enterprise, blockchain, and AI.

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