A Preview of the Upcoming Allora Points Program

We’re excited to announce the upcoming points program and expanded participation in the Allora Network, a self-improving decentralized AI network. ML model creators, developers, and other AI enthusiasts can participate in the network by bringing models to Allora, creating network topics, and building novel applications that leverage the network’s collective intelligence.

These actions make participants a vital part of the network’s self-improving design. Equally as important are the contributions to collective intelligence at-large. Each contributor’s unique skills, knowledge, and perspective play a crucial role in realizing Allora’s vision for transforming intelligence itself into a digital commodity.

Because participant actions contribute to the growth of the network, a soon-to-be-launched points program will serve as a network-wide record of participation. The success of decentralized collective intelligence will depend on the collective efforts of the AI community, and this program will serve to acknowledge each participant's dedication to Allora and decentralized AI at-large.

Join Allora at the forefront of AI development and the intelligence layer of the AI stack.

Bridging the Gap Between Model Creators and Developers

The Allora Network offers a unique opportunity for ML model creators to contribute to a collective intelligence system that goes beyond the limitations of traditional platforms. On these platforms, model outputs often remain underutilized or serve limited purposes, such as acting as isolated data points for outside sources like media outlets. To solve this problem Allora organizes its network into topics, or focused sub-networks where participants collaborate on specific objectives. Each topic contains evaluation criteria that governs the interaction between the topic participants, including the target variable and the loss function that needs to be optimized by the topic network.

Through this self-improving design, Allora empowers model creators to capture immediate value from their work by providing an ecosystem where their contributions can make a tangible impact on the development of decentralized AI.

Allora bridges the gap between ML model creators and developers who actively seek cutting-edge AI solutions. Additionally, the Allora Network creates the shortest path for model creators to develop innovative models and for developers to build upon their work. Joining the Allora Network means ML model creators can become part of an ecosystem that enables them to capture real value from their models by contributing to a shared collective intelligence. This approach fosters a community where model creators and developers connect, collaborate, and push the boundaries of AI together.

By connecting model creators and developers, Allora accelerates the development and adoption of decentralized AI.

Three Ways to Contribute to the Allora Network

Allora aims to be the aggregation layer for the world's most innovative and impactful AI models.  Participants in the Allora Network will be integral contributors to the world's collective intelligence, helping shape the future of AI development.

To that end, there are three main ways to contribute to Allora and earn points as recognition for participation:

  • Deploying ML Models––The more useful contributor models are to developers and others building on the network, the greater the impact model creators can have on the development of decentralized collective intelligence.
  • Creating Topics––Participants can contribute to Allora by designing interesting and in-demand topics, such as price predictions, portfolio management, risk modeling, LLMs, and other generative content. These topics serve as focal points for model creators to collaborate on.
  • Building Novel Applications––Rather than contributing directly to the network, developers can build novel applications that plug into Allora's decentralized collective intelligence by leveraging the available topics.

Also, ML model creators with a track record of contributions on existing ML platforms may be eligible for additional points in the Allora Points Program.

A Collective Intelligence Network

Allora is also collaborating with other platforms to create a more connected ecosystem for AI development. These partnerships aim to accelerate the growth of decentralized collective intelligence, while also providing opportunities for participants to earn recognition for contributions across multiple platforms.

Network participants can play a key role in expanding the Allora community by inviting other model creators, developers, and fellow AI enthusiasts to join, thereby attracting more diverse forms of intelligence to the network. This collaborative growth is essential to building a robust decentralized AI ecosystem.

When Can Participants Start Contributing to the Allora Points Program?

The Allora Points Program will begin soon. To be one of the first Allora Points Program Participants:

  1. Join this private points program Discord.
  2. Click the green checkmark to earn the “OG Points” role.
  3. Then you’ll be able to access a private #points-program-ogs channel.

Allora is a self-improving decentralized AI network.

Allora enables applications to leverage smarter, more secure AI through a self-improving network of ML models. By combining innovations in crowdsourced intelligence, reinforcement learning, and regret minimization, Allora unlocks a vast new design space of applications at the intersection of crypto and AI.